Here at Bodyinfluence we are more than just a gym, we are a family, a place where you can enjoy our fantastic array of classes and most importantly have FUN!



The TRX cables are incorporated into our bodycamp sessions, our unique suspension cables will be used in various ways to help strenghten your muscles to really tone and burn through that fat! You will have access to your own TRX cable. 



Switch off and flow with our yoga,. We will help reduce any stress and re focus the mind in our practice. This is a challenging physical practice building physical co-ordination and mental focus.

We offer 8 week programs with our fabulous yoga teacher - interested?  Please email

Spinning Class


50% banging music, 50% cheesy music, 100% sweaty fun!

Spin will test your fitness working on building endurance and cardio for fat loss.

BoxFit_._._A great way of building fitne


Boxing Pad work is perfect for an all-round bodywork out. Great for fat loss,coordination and fitness.
We will teach you the basic boxing techinque whilst learning how to use the pads effectively.

🔥 We are the fastest growing fitness ce


This is a very popular class as each session is fun, varied and challenging. Using various gym equipment to really test your strength.

You will sure work up a sweat with our exercises!