Allow us to introduce ourselves to you.  We are the team at Body Influence Fitness Centre.  We look forward to meeting you at one of our regular group sessions!  If you would like to arrange a personal training session with any of our coaches 

Paul Oldham



Health, football and fitness has formed the foundation of Paul's life for as long as he can remember.


He is proud to have worked with some great people over his 13 years in the fitness industry and has helped some of the UK’s best athletes.


His passions are football, boxing, mindset and performance training. He loves to serve in all of these areas, and plays football at a semi-professional level.

Train with paul? 


Avril is hot off the market introducing her new yoga program with body influence. 

Her positive energy and beaming smile transforms the whole room, but do not underestimate her, Avril will test your strength through challenging positions.

If you would like to work on building strength & mobility throiugh these excellent yoga sessions please get in touch!

Becky Walker



Becky qualified as a personal trainer nearly 4 years ago now and just loves it! 

As well as general manager duties, her focus is 1-2-1 personal training. She love getting to know members, pushing them to their limits and seeing them reach their goals. All whilst making it fun - yes fun! 


Becky's sessions are tailored to each member, what they’d like to achieve. and are mainly focused on fat loss, HIIT and strength training. 


Becky is very energetic and always on the go. In her spare time, she's either running or strength training - a girl who enjoys both! 

Ayman Al-Shamy



Ayman has previously been a physician and specialised in the muscular system and nutrition before making the move into group coaching.

He is very experienced in coaching and is looking forward to helping you all achieve your goals.

Expect a challenging but fun workout when with Ayman.

James Edney


James is new to the fitness industry, though has been coaching football for 4 years and is now the head coach of Bolton Wanderers Ladies reserve team.

At Body Influence James' focus is personal training and also coaching with any sports teams we are working with. 

James enjoys working with people to help achieve their goals and is very interested in the mental side of training. 

Mike Sneddon




Mike came pretty late to the health and fitness industry, having worked in sales and marketing for twenty years but for the past five years has been working in nutrition, health and online fitness programming. 

Mike recently chose to team up again with Paul and Becky as he really missed the face to face aspect of training people to hit their goals.

Mike's specialist areas are fat loss through metabolic change, HIIT and strength training.

Mike says he's loving being back doing face to face sessions and is grateful to everyone who has given him great feedback on both his classes and personal training sessions.

Ryan Marsh


Ryan is now a group training coach focussing on weight loss at Body Influence.


 He himself has been on his own body influence journey, having lost over 7 stone and 18% body fat under the guidance from our director Paul Oldham. 

He can now implement his 'go get it' attitude onto our members by presenting opportunities to become better physically and mentally. 

To book on our 30 day trial for just £39.00