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Its here!- Body Track is now available!

 Do you want to feel better?  Well look no further - here at Body Influence we have designed a new system to assess your body type.  Using skin fold capliers to determine your measurements will accurately record your  body fat, our qualified coaches will also provide nutritional advice and demonstrate exercises to help you achieve your goals! 



Time: 8:00am last saturday of each month 

Cost: FREE for exsiting members and £10 for non members

We are also introducing the Bleep fitness Test commencing 8th June (8:15am)

Duration: 30 minutes


Relax your mind with our PAYG yoga!

New to Yoga? Or perhaps you want to brush up on your skills?  

Our creative teacher Avril offers a range and style of Yoga classes to suit all levels of practitioner.  

This practice is designed to challenge and reinvent yourself, to energise your body and calm your mind.

Sounds like you need this? 

Kids camp!

Every thursday at 4pm we hold our own kids bootcamp, designed to stimulate, energise and generally let your children have fun! 

The bodyinfluence team are so friendly and engaging your children will adapt and fit right in! 

We offer boxing,indoor football,dancing,games,tug of war, you name it we have it! 

Our package is £49.00 for 10 Sessions! Every thursday at 4pm for one whole hour!

Designed for ages (6-12)


Our 8 week Strength Transformation Program coming soon!

Reserve your spot now!

🏋️‍♀️ BODY STRENGTH 🏋️‍♀️_( Small Grou
  • Incl body fat assessments weekly 

  •  Nutritional support 

  • Tailored weight program 

  • 24/7 guidance 

  • 8 people only 

  • Proven results!

details to come...

What else is new?

For all those mums who want to get fit but don't have the time? 



Tired of staying in the house doing chores? Want to feel energised, fit and ready to start the day? 

This class is specifically designed to whip you into shape even with your baby by your side! 

Babies, toddlers welcome!

Come along to Bodyinfluence on wednesdays 10:30am!