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Why do we put on body Fat?

 The compound effect of why we put on body fat ....

Do you ever wonder why over time we can easily put on unwanted weight ? 

Let’s look at money for an example...if we save £2 per day rather than buying that coffee, we would save £728 per year, over 10 years that is £7,280.

Now let’s look at food...
If we have that extra portion of chips  and pint  or glass of wine  that can be an extra 500 calories per day!!

This doesn’t seem much at first.. but over the years instead of saving money we will be storing body fat.

What habits can you change starting tomorrow.?


Want to enjoy yourself over Christmas? but worried about gaining weight ? 

We all know this is the time of the year that we like to relax and let loose. .

Here is some advice to help balance them calories, so you don’t start back at the gym two stone heavier. 

Due to all the extra temptations around at Christmas we are bound to eat more than normal, so try to be active with family and Friends, eg. walking to the pub. 

Watch your portion sizes, yes enjoy your food, but when you are full have some water instead of eating more of the same.

Get plenty of sleep, when you are tired you will tend to have less control over your eating choices.

Control your stress levels, high stress levels will slow down the rate we burn fat. Try to relax and use breathing techniques, and put things in perspective before you get annoyed over something small. 

Planning is key to avoid giving into those naughty cravings. Alcohol plays havoc with your blood sugar levels, one glass of wine raises those levels, which then plunge as your body releases insulin to redress the imbalance...that plunge makes you feel peckish, desperate for mince pies and sausage rolls. keep a small bar of dark chocolate in your pocket and eat this while waiting for the taxi home.Dark chocolate is full of beneficial antioxidants and has relatively little sugar.

Clean your teeth before going out, or have chewing gum when you are and wine tastes gross after toothpaste so if your mouth feels fresh, you may be less tempted to cram it full of crisps.

Use this advice, but still enjoy yourself :) 

Merry Christmas

Want to avoid the Christmas weight?

At Body Influence we believe boxing is very beneficial for health and fitness.

Below is the benefits we believe our boxing sessions will give you ..


You can switch off from the outside world and be present in the moment. Boxing is fast and fun, leaving little room in your head for anything else. 


It’s an excellent form of stress relief and stimulates endorphin production. Punching helps to relieve muscle tension that can collect when you experience stress. 


Boxing is an effective cardio workout that is meant to keep your heart working with maximum efficiency. It puts a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs to push them to work harder. 


The exercise provides a rush of endorphins, this is a natural mood booster. Our group sessions can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression by focusing the mind and body in the present moment and taking you away from worrying thoughts. 


Boxing is a high impact cardio workout that offers a significant calorie burn. Our typical boxing sessions can burn up to 800 calories depending on your weight. 


We provide a total body workout, we make you haven an effect on each of the large muscle groups: chest, arms and shoulders, legs, abs and back. With efficient movement, our total body boxing workout can improve the results seen in muscle tone throughout the body.

Boxing training benefits



Do you struggle with the commitment of training and lack motivation with nutrition ?


We advise you to look deep within your belief system for the answer...


You may have a belief that training is boring, you may not value the benefits of exercise, or you may think you will look stupid in the gym.


Be aware of your thoughts and feeling around training, try to write down how you feel about training. All this will give you some clarity in how you can move forward.


You can learn about exercise technique on you tube or from a coach, talk to people who love the gym, by doing this you can actually program positivity around fitness in your mind.


A must is to understand the key benefits you will get from training, not just physically but mentally.


Do these things with repetition and you will have a new belief system around training, and you will learn about why you was struggling in the first place.


Good luck on your fitness journey 

Sometimes don't feel like training?

Importance of Sustainability

At Body Influence we are all about Sustainability.

We want our members to achieve sustainable results, this way they can ingrain the new habits we teach for long term health.

We believe in small steps, small little changes in clean eating and exercise. 

Is it realistic long term for you to eat chicken and broccoli all day ? Or can you start off by fixing your breakfast, and then next week drink 2 cups of water more per day...

What is important to us, is that you do what’s realistic for your individual lifestyle. 

New year new you?

New year, new you ? 

Are you ready to start training hard now after having 3 weeks or more away from exercise ?

We have added some advice to help get you back into it ...

Train for an event 

Sometimes training to look and feel better is not enough, we suggest booking an event like a 5k run or tough mudder to help you commit to exercise. Remember commitment is more important than motivation. 

Start small 

Don’t start off with training everyday, this is not sustainable and you will burn out. Build the intensity week by week for long lasting results.


Enjoyment is key to getting yourself in the best shape possible, if you look forward to training it’s going to be easier. 


Find a place you feel motivated and inspired, get around uplifting people to help support you on this journey.


To help maximise your potential get a coach, this will give you accountability and you will be pushed further outside your comfort zone. 

Bring a Friend 

Train with a friend, and get competitive, this will help you stay on track.There will be times when you don't feel like working out and a partner can be just the motivation you need to get going.




Our advice is simple if you want to lose body fat ......




Take one step at a time, start by walking once per week, then add to that a small home workout eg. 10 star jumps, 10 sit ups , 10 press ups , 10 squats - 2 rounds.


Gradually build this up to 1 jog per week, 1 walk per week and 1 small home workout. Keep progressing each week, when you need that extra push and you are ready then you can call a personal trainer or join a fitness centre.




If you are at a point where you feel you can’t get started and fear is beating you .. then speak to a friend or family member about this, break the problem down that is holding you back.


Write this down on a piece of paper and ask yourself is this a logical reason for me not to reach my goal, start to journal and write down your feelings about exercise. 📓




This thing called motivtation is not always there.. so when you get that slight bit of it, then use it and do any form of exercise that you can.


Remember commitment is more important than motivation, so ideally you want to commit to an event, this will help push you past the fear.


If you need further help with exercise anxiety, you can book in at Body Influence for a one to one talk with any of our experienced coaching team.


Good luck 😀

Anxiety Tips

Do you ever feel in the mood not to exercise? 

Whenever you get thoughts like I’m tired or your body feels low on energy, then it’s time to be strong minded. You have to become the master of your body, the feelings and thoughts will pass.


Focus on how good you will feel after the session and keep your body moving especially if you have one hour to wait before your session or class. We all know what happens when you finish work and just sit on the couch watching tv.


Hold yourself accountable by messaging the coach or a friend to say see you at class.


Most of all you need to learn about yourself and your thought patterns, this will impact how you feel. Then create a strategy to help get yourself to the training session.

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